What is ZenGlove?

ZenGlove is a wireless sensor glove which can model a human hand digitally. It can be used to interact with the digital world as if you were in it.



The Team

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals in their repective domains.

Gaurav Gupta CEO
AKA. The Hacker
BE Computer Engineering
Speciality: Distributed computing, Machine learning and Robotics
Akshay Rao CTO
AKA. The Scientist
PhD autonomous robotics
Speciality: Stochastic estimation and Machine learning
Sumanta Bose CDO
AKA. The Architect
PhD in Microelectronics
Speciality: Robotics, E-textiles, 3D Printing, Entrepreneurship
Abhishek Agarwal COO
AKA. The Musician
Master in Economics
Speciality: Product development and Business scaling

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